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MCAO Credit Card Fraud Submissions

  1. Recently, an individual or individuals created a bank account and are stealing or obtaining credit card numbers and charging those accounts, and identifying themselves as MCAO to cover up their real identity. If you have seen these charges on your credit or debit cards, please let us know by filling out the form below.
  2. Notify your bank or financial institution
    Be advised that you should contact your bank or financial institution as quickly as possible! Notify them that the transaction is fraudulent and request that they investigate. Once you have filed a complaint with this office, advise the bank or financial institution so they can follow up with us for further verification as part of the fraud investigation.

    If these fraudulent transactions involve a credit card account, the credit card company can remove the transaction from your account. If the funds were drawn on a debit account, the bank may be able to stop the completion of the transaction, reverse the transaction, or take other steps.
  3. Alternative Contact
    If you need to speak to someone in our office regarding charges from our office on your account, please call 602-506-4292
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