I’m the check writer - how do I take care of this?

Writing a bad check may result in criminal charges filed, a summons to court, warrant for your arrest and having a permanent record of being a bad check writer. The Program offers you, the check writer, the opportunity to divert this matter from going to court. If the balance is paid in full before criminal charges are filed, then this offense will not go on your permanent record.

Payments can be mailed to: MCAO Check Enforcement Program, 225 West Madison Street, Phoenix, AZ 85003

We only accept payment by money order or cashier’s check by mail or a credit card through our online payment portal. Payment by mail must include your Personal ID (PID) number on all forms of payment. A receipt will be mailed to you showing the payment was received and your account credited. The online payment portal requires your PID number and last name to access the system. Do not pay the merchant(s), or the person(s) to whom the check was originally written.

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1. I’m the check writer - how do I take care of this?
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