The Census is Coming!

Every ten years, the United States counts every person living in the country and uses that data to divide $675 billion in federal funds and determine a state’s representation in Congress.

This year, for the first time ever, the census survey will be available online. Residents can begin filling out a census form online as early as March, or they may complete the survey via phone or mail. Census workers will begin to follow up with households who haven’t responded beginning April 30, 2020. The last day to submit census information is June 30, 2020.

Only one person per household is required to complete the questionnaire for everyone living in the home. The questionnaire covers basic demographic factors such as the number of occupants, age, sex, race, and relationships of people living in the household. Information collected for the census is only used for statistical purposes.

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Why participate in the Census? Because the Census data benefits schools & childcare, local public safety, economic development & jobs, healthcare & social services, roads & highway construction, and nonprofits. Learn More by visiting