Online Payment Portal Available for
“Bad-Check” Restitution Payments

Person Writing a Check

Each day, thousands of checks are written to pay for goods or services - yet many are not honored when presented at the bank, usually due to insufficient funds. Hard-working merchants and others go unpaid.

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office (MCAO) has had a long-standing program to pursue these “bad-check writers” and have them pay restitution - even if it means taking them to court. The program is partially funded by fees paid by the bad-check writers, making this a completely free service to victims, individual and merchants alike.

Until recently, a “bad-check writer” could submit restitution payments in-person or mail in the payments by money order or cashier’s check. However, as of Monday, November 18, 2019, an online payment portal became available. The online payment portal allows the offender to make a restitution payment from a computer or phone device using their credit card.

This new portal will make it easier and more convenient for the check writer to pay the restitution and will eliminate inefficient practices such as: daily cash accounting tasks, continuous surveillance of cash transactions with the public, and contracting with cash security pick-up services.

Writing a bad check may result in criminal charges filed, a summons to court, warrant for your arrest and having a permanent record of being a bad check writer. The program offers the check writer the opportunity to divert the matter from going to court. If the balance is paid in full before criminal charges are filed, then the offense will not go on your permanent record.

In early 2020, MCAO will eliminate in-person payments in favor of the online portal, however mail-in payments will continue to be accepted. This new service was envisioned and created through the hard work of employees from the Diversion Program Bureau, Finance and Information Technology.

The Check Enforcement Payment Portal can be found at: