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News from the
 Maricopa County Attorney’s Office

December 2019   

One of my primary goals for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office is collaboration—collaboration with the community, with local leaders in government, community groups, churches, schools and with first responders. In this issue, we’ll tell you about a new approach this Office is taking specifically in regard to those who work to ensure our public safety.

This month, we’ll introduce you to our First Responder Liaison Supervisor, Tom Van Dorn, who retired from the Phoenix Police Department after serving nearly 25 years as a first responder in this community. Tom is also an attorney and in his role at MCAO, he will help us seek justice in cases of assault against our first responders—police officers, firefighters, emergency technicians (EMTs) and others. He will also look to how we best hold first responders accountable when they do take wrong actions.

Finally, as a reminder this month, keep yourself and your family safe and avoid being a victim of crime as you are out shopping or at your own home. Keep any purchases hidden if left in your vehicle, think about moving your car if you go to drop something off during a day of shopping, and don’t leave boxes out for trash collection that advertise that new purchase that is now in your home.

Stay tuned for details about our annual Save Lives Don’t DUI campaign. Plan ahead for a sober ride to and from your festivities, and we’ll help you get a discount. Last year, over 25,000 people took advantage of the offer, and we think that’s making a difference in the number of DUI arrests we see during the month of December.

Have a safe and happy Holiday Season!

Allister Adel
Maricopa County Attorney