Diversion Programs and Request for Proposals (RFP)

The purpose of all Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Diversion Programs is to offer an alternative to traditional criminal case processing so specific individuals accused of committing a crime may participate in an education or treatment program that addresses the risk factors related to recidivism. Reducing rates of recidivism while preserving limited prosecutorial resources is a goal for all diversion programs and is ultimately beneficial to the citizens of Maricopa County. Below is a listing of current MCAO diversion programs and open RFPs. Click the program name for an open RFP to get additional details. If you are interested in receiving a notification when an RFP opens, signup with Notify Me®.

ProgramOpen DateClosing Date
Animal Cruelty Diversion NoneNone
Check Enforcement ProgramNone
Felony Diversion ProgramNone
Justice Court DiversionNoneNone
Juvenile DiversionNoneNone
Parenting Skills Diversion ProgramNoneNone
Serious Mental Illness – Felony Diversion Program (SMI-FDP) DiversionNoneNone