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Annual Reports

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office strives to keep the community informed, and this includes our employees and law enforcement professionals throughout the County.The MCAO Annual Report spotlights the accomplishments of the office and includes highlights of noteworthy cases prosecuted over the last 12 months.

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Cover page of the Maricopa County Attorney's Office 2016 Annual Report

Sexual Assault Protocol Manual DRAFT

The first ever Maricopa County Sex Assault Protocol was compiled during the past 18 months. I am grateful for the efforts and expertise of all of those involved in the writing of this protocol. This effort was multidisciplinary and included representatives from small and large police departments, crime labs, forensic nurses, prosecutors, victim advocates, and community victim advocates who all worked together in a collaborative manner. For the first time there is a guiding document for all those involved both in the care of sex assault victims and all the efforts taken to hold those who commit the crime of sexual assault accountable. This effort began as an effort to ensure that all sex assault kits were tested and has ended as a model not just for the testing of sex assault kits, but for all aspects of sexual assault investigation.

The draft of the protocol will remain open for public comment for the next 30 days (8/21/2017 - 9/20/2017.) Any and all comments are appreciated and will be considered. Anyone can access a PDF of the protocol by clicking the link below. Comments should be directed to the Sexual Assault Protocol Manual Comment Form.

 After the 30-day comment period and review by the multidisciplinary team, each law enforcement agency and partner in Maricopa County will be asked to sign on to the protocol, indicating their support and commitment to follow the best practices identified.

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