Capital Litigation Bureau

The Capital Litigation Bureau prosecutes first-degree murder cases in which the State is seeking to impose the death penalty. Other types of homicide cases are assigned to appropriate specialists in the County Attorney's Family Violence Bureau, Vehicular Crimes Bureau, Drug Trafficking Bureau, Gang Bureau, Repeat Offender Bureau, Special Crimes Bureau, or the Criminal Trial Division. All homicide prosecutors combine the latest technology in forensic science and courtroom presentation with aggressive prosecution and trial experience to bring offenders to justice.

Prosecutors in the Capital Litigation bureau are on call 24/7 to respond to homicide crime scenes and provide legal expertise to law enforcement agencies throughout the investigation process. They typically follow a case from the initial investigation through the trial and resolution phases, working closely with law enforcement officials, the victim's family, and the community to ensure the strongest case possible.

Senior prosecutors with homicide case experience serve on the Maricopa County Attorney's Capital Review Committee, which reviews first-degree murder cases and offers a recommendation to the County Attorney on whether to seek the death penalty in particular cases in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes and prevailing case law.