Civil Services

Who We Are
The Civil Services Division of the Maricopa County Attorney's Office serves as the lawyer for County government. In addition to providing legal representation and advice to elected officials and County agencies, the Civil Services Division handles tax appeals by County taxpayers, environmental enforcement cases, public records requests and defends legal actions, lawsuits and claims brought against the County. The Civil Services Division has a staff of 80 and is organized into five practice groups.

Government Advice Practice Group
Provides legal advice and representation to County officers, including the Board of Supervisors, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Sheriff, Recorder, Treasurer, School Superintendent, and County Attorney. This Practice Group also provides legal advice to many Departments in County government that report to the County Manager, Office of Management and Budget, Justice Courts, Public Health, Public Fiduciary, Medical Examiner, Animal Care and Control, Materials Management, and Facilities Management and other social and human services functions on matters ranging from public records requests, open meeting laws, intergovernmental agreements, procurement law, and general duties and authority of the Departments.

Human Resources Practice Group
Advises the County on human resource issues and legal matters involving County employees.

Land Use And Transactional Practice Group
Responsible for advice and representation to many of the departments of County government that are involved in the development of the county’s physical infrastructure, such as the Departments of Air Quality, Environmental Services, Housing Authority, Planning and Development, Public Works, Real Estate, and Solid Waste Management. This Practice Group also represents several boards, committees and commissions including the Board of Adjustment, Facilities Review Committee, Parks and Recreation Commission and MCDOT Development Services.

Litigation Practice Group
Handles claims and lawsuits by and against the County, its agencies, officials and employees acting in the course and scope of their duties and employment. The Litigation Group also coordinates Public Records Requests having to do with lawsuits against the County.