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    Welcome to the official website of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office (MCAO), serving nearly four million residents in Maricopa County, the fourth largest county in the United States.

    Our office is responsible for the prosecution of more than 35,000 felony criminal cases each year. Our top priorities are to hold criminals accountable for the crimes they commit, and to ensure that the rights of crime victims are honored and respected throughout the criminal justice process.

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  1. Top Prosecutors from Across Nation Join in Support of Rebuttal on Recent USA Today Opinion Article

    Joining in support for a response to a recent opinion column posted in the USA Today by contributor Glenn Harlan Reynolds almost a dozen County and District Attorney’s took issue with the pieces depiction of criminal justice. Read more...
  2. Christopher Brown Sentenced to 14 Years for Sex Trafficking

    Christopher Brown was sentenced today to 14 years in the Department of Corrections for Sex Trafficking, Receiving Earnings of a Prostitute, Pandering, and Assault. Brown was arrested as a part of a January operation by the Human Trafficking Task Force. Read more...
  3. Community Based Prosecution Partnerships Lead to Arrest and Charging of Burglary Suspect

    Recently, Albert De La Torre was charged with four counts of 3rd Degree Burglary and one count of Attempted 3rd Degree Burglary in connection with a series of ATM burglaries across the West Valley. Read more...
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