VIDEO: Understanding Organized Retail Theft

Understanding Organized Retail Theft

Organized retail theft affects everyone. When some people think about organized retail theft they think about shoplifting, but that's not the case. Listen to County Attorney Rachel Mitchell explain this crime trend and why it's important for businesses to report it.

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The three tenets of the Maricopa County Attorney's Office
  1. New Charges in the Fight Against Organized Retail Crime

    Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell has announced charges against three defendants involved in Organized Retail Crime (ORC). The charges are the latest in her continuing commitment to tackling ORC in Maricopa County. Read more...
  2. Drive-By Shooter, Arsonist Sentenced to 22-Years in Prison

    Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell has announced the sentencing of Manuel Anthony Sierra to 22-years in prison after terrorizing families in West and South Phoenix for six months in 2021 and 2022. Read more...
  3. County Attorney Launches ‘Safe Shopping’ Campaign

    Today, the County Attorney unveiled a new ‘Safe Shopping’ campaign, an effort to stop this fast-growing category of lawlessness. Read more...
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