The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office helped pass statewide legislation which requires residential property owners who own rental property in Arizona to register their name, address and phone number with the County Assessor’s Office in the county in which the property is located. This has proved invaluable in locating out of state owners of slum properties who sometimes don’t want to be found. The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office also helped pass a tough state criminal abatement law that put the responsibility on property owners to take reasonable steps to deter repeated crime on their properties.

Anti-Slum Resources

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Agency Phone Issues
Arizona Attorney General’s Office (602) 542-5025 Landlord-tenant rights information available on Website.
Arizona Department of Health (Lead Hotline) (602) 364-3122 Educates the public about lead.
Arizona Department of Health (Mold Hotline) (602) 364-3118 Educates the public about mold.
Arizona Modest Means Project 1-866-637-5341 Provides low-cost legal assistance to those who cannot afford an attorney, but whose income is too high to qualify for free legal services. A one hour consultation is $75. If full representation is requested and agreed to, the attorney must continue at the $75 per hour rate.
Arizona Secretary of State’s Office (602) 542-4086 Will mail out copies of the Arizona Landlord-Tenant Act.
Arizona Tenants Association (602) 257-8987 Requires a membership fee of between $55-$65 per year. Offers counseling and renters’ rights info. Gives tenants their rights, counsels them, and can refer to lawyers. Also offers lease termination service.

Agency Phone Issues
Maricopa County Assessor’s Office (602) 506-3406 Property registration
Maricopa County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service (602) 257-4434 The $40 fee covers the referral to a licensed attorney and guarantees a consultation for up to 30 minutes with that attorney at that price. Any services beyond that are up to the client and attorney.
Better Business Bureau (Central, Northern, and Western Arizona) (602) 264-1721 Takes complaints on all businesses.
Community Legal Services (602) 258-3434 Can provide legal assistance if individual meets financial criteria. Areas include landlord/tenant, Section 8, illegal eviction, utility shut-offs, lockouts, habitability, homelessness prevention, discrimination, and foreclosure.
Maricopa County Environmental Services (602) 506-6616 Water, roaches, rats, pests, sewage, garbage, pests, water wells, septic systems, flies, mosquitoes, swimming pools, plumbing, mobile food vendors, pet shops, meth labs, illegal dumping
Planning and Development (602) 506-3301 Handles code violations for unincorporated areas of the county only.
Planning and Development (permits) (602) 506-3695 Issues permits for development/land use in unincorporated areas only.
Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (602) 876-1000 Report any type of criminal activity.
Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Drug Line (602) 262-DRUG (3784) Anonymously report drug activity.
West Nile Virus Hotline (602) 506-0700 Report stagnant water, green pools, or mosquitoes, or request fogging

City Agency Phone Issues
Apache Junction Code Compliance (480) 671-5085 Report interior or exterior building code violations (generally large projects, dangerous buildings, etc.)
Apache Junction Complaint line (480) 671-5112
(480) 474-5112
Property maintenance
Apache Junction Development Services (480) 474-5090 General services (planning, zoning, building inspections, code violations)
Avondale Code Enforcement (623) 478-3190 Interior/exterior complaints
Avondale Building and Planning (623) 478-3342 Issues building permits and inspects construction
Avondale Zoning and Planning (623) 478-3330 Zoning issues
Buckeye Building Permits (623) 349-6216
(623) 349-6203
Issues building permits
Buckeye Code Compliance (623) 349-6212 Weeds, junk cars, swimming pools, garbage etc.
Casa Grande Code Enforcement (520) 421-8685 Trash, weeds, home businesses, junk vehicles, noise etc.
Chandler Code Enforcement (480) 782-4320 Complaints of green pools, weeds, trash in front yards, etc.
Chandler Community Action Program (CAP) (480) 963-4321 Eviction Prevention and Emergency Homeless Housing (EPEH) Program
El Mirage Code Enforcement (623) 876-2931 Sends inspectors on interior and exterior issues
Gilbert Code Compliance (480) 503-6879 Weeds, junk cars, property/ litter maintenance, zoning violations (public nuisance)
Glendale Code Compliance (623) 882-7812 Sends inspectors on all rental complaints, both interior and exterior
Goodyear Code Compliance (623) 882-7812 Interior and exterior complaints
Mesa Community Legal Services Tenants’ Rights Helpline (480) 385-5056 Tenants’ rights helpline can offer assistance to tenants in Mesa (landlord/tenant disputes)
Mesa Code Compliance (480) 644-2061 Exterior/property maintenance issues only. Does not handle interior issues.
Peoria Code Enforcement (623) 773-7162 Sends inspectors on all interior and exterior complaints for building code violations
Phoenix Neighborhood Services - Exterior and Zoning (602) 262-7844 Exterior issues, property maintenance, zoning
Phoenix Neighborhood Services English: (602) 262-7210
Spanish: (602) 262-7009
Interior problems, Landlord/Tenant issues (evictions, rent payments, security deposits, discrimination.) NOTE: Counselors take e-mail and walk in questions only. (Address: 200 W. Washington, 4th Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85003. E-mail:
Phoenix Neighborhood Services - Housing Discrimination (602) 262-7486 Discrimination issues
Phoenix Neighborhood Services - Undocumented tenants (602) 495-0116 Undocumented tenants
Phoenix Housing Rehabilitation (602) 495-0700 Offers loan and grant programs designed to help residents meet code requirements and improve the safety, comfort, appearance and value of their homes. These programs are available to low- and moderate-income residents who meet specific income requirements
Phoenix Neighborhood Services (602) 262-7010
(602) 495-0807
Provides rental funding for property owners to refurbish if property is in targeted area
Phoenix Street Lighting Help Line (602) 495-5125 Report a street light that needs repair.
Scottsdale Code Enforcement (480) 312-2546
(480) 312-3022
Handles exterior issues such as zoning, property maintenance, housing (chipping paint, enclosed carports), signage, graffiti, and construction. Also handles some interior issues including no running water, no electricity, etc.
Sun City Code Enforcement (623) 584-3500 Inspects sprinklers, fire alarms, hazardous materials storage etc.
Surprise Code Enforcement (623) 222-3013 Trash, inoperable vehicles, graffiti etc.
Tempe Code Enforcement (480) 350-8372 Sends inspectors for all interior and exterior complaints except mold.
Tempe Code Enforcement Complaint Line (480) 350-8310 Complaints may also be filed online.
Tempe Tempe Police Report Line (480) 350-8311 Use this line to file a report regarding criminal activity