Victim Rights

Informational video regarding your rights as a victim in Maricopa County. [5:23]
Victim Rights


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Serving Victims

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office is firmly committed to honoring and respecting the rights of crime victims as detailed in Section 2.1 of the Arizona State Constitution, also known as the Victims’ Bill of Rights. We offer a variety of services to ensure that these rights are upheld, including:

  • Victim Notification – Crime victims are entitled, upon request, to receive notice of certain proceedings related to the defendant who committed the crime.
  • Victim Restitution – If you suffered a financial loss as a result of a crime, the defendant can be ordered to reimburse you as part of the sentence imposed by the Court.
  • Victim Compensation – Crime victims may be eligible to receive funds administered by Arizona’s Crime Victim Compensation Program to cover out-of-pocket expenses related to a crime.

Arizona law also guarantees victims’ rights for businesses and neighborhood associations.

See an overview of the adult criminal trial process or the adult criminal trial flowchart.

If you are a victim and need to report a crime, contact the nearest local law enforcement agency.

The Victim Services Division also offers:

Victim Advocates

Highly trained and experienced professionals who assist victims and families involved in cases that are currently in the criminal justice system. In addition to providing important emotional support, victim advocates assist with social service needs, serve as a liaison with the prosecutor handling the case and provide case related information/updates or criminal justice related information.

Child Advocacy Bureau

Specially trained victim advocates and resources dedicated to addressing the unique needs of children who are victims of crimes.

The Child Advocacy Bureau has been recognized with a 2014 NACo Achievement Award!

Kids in Court

A support program to help children and their parents or guardians prepare for court and cope with the anxiety associated with a criminal trial proceeding. Kids in Court brochure | Watch the Video

Services for Public Safety Employees

Specialized resources to ensure that public safety employees and their families receive the same rights as other crime victims. Public Safety Employee Information

K9 Victim Support Program (VSP)

Two level-III certified facility dogs specially trained to provide one-of-a-kind care and comfort to child and adult victims before, during and after trial. Meet Sam & Tori, the Victim Support Dogs

Victim Services Overview Presentation

You can request an overview presentation about the services we offer to victims of crime.

For more information on any of these services and programs, contact Victim Services by contact form or phone at (602) 506-8522.

Court Information & Maps

For victims visiting the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Victim Services Division downtown office, or testifying in Maricopa County Superior Court, a map is located below of the downtown Phoenix area.

Parking is available at 6th Avenue and Jefferson (shown in the yellow shaded area of the map). The Superior Court is located between 1st and 3rd Avenues on Jefferson (blue shaded area), and the County Attorney’s Office is located in the County Administration Building, 301 West Jefferson (orange shaded area)

Google Maps:
MCAO Admin Office (301 West Jefferson)
Admin Office Parking (6th Avenue and Jefferson)
MCAO East Valley Office (Mesa)
MCAO Juvenile Durango Office
Superior Court South Court Tower
Superior Court

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