Domestic Violence Strangulation

A high tech camera gives prosecutors the needed evidence to successfully prosecute the ones responsible for domestic violence crimes. [3:14]
Domestic Violence Strangulation

Medicare Fraud

This scam was used to get millions of dollars with false medicare claims. [4:11]
Medicare Fraud

Forensic Facial Reconstruction

What happens when unidentifiable human remains are discovered? Watch as County Attorney Detective Charlie Hodges combines forensic science and an aptitude for art to put a face back on the deceased. [6:28]
Forensic Facial Reconstruction

Major Crimes

Prosecuting serious crimes requires specialized expertise. Major crimes are handled by ten separate crime bureaus staffed with experienced prosecutors who work closely with law enforcement agencies to hold criminals accountable for offenses in the following areas:

Auto Theft

Handles the prosecution of individuals who steal cars and sell stolen cars or car parts.

Drug Enforcement

Prosecutes narcotics traffickers and those involved in the manufacture, transfer, sale or possession of illegal drugs.

Family Violence

Responsible for domestic violence cases including homicides, child abuse, elder abuse and stalking cases.

Fraud & Identity Theft Enforcement (FITE)

Prosecutes individuals engaged in fraudulent activity, including stealing the identity of others.


Investigates and prosecutes cases involving criminal street gang members.

Capital Litigation

Handles first degree murder cases in which the State is seeking the death penalty.

Repeat Offender Program (ROP)

Targets chronic felony offenders accused of multiple offenses.

Sex Crimes

Focuses on sex offenses committed against children and adults.

Special Crimes

Prosecutes cases involving arson, home invasion/kidnapping, human smuggling, illegal immigrant crimes, prostitution and public corruption.

Vehicular Crimes

Responsible for cases of vehicular homicide, aggravated assault, leaving the scene of fatal/serious injury collision and driving under the influence.

Recent Cases