The Detectives

Finding people that don’t want to be found is just one of the many duties that County Attorney Detectives are tasked with. [4:21]
The Detectives

Investigations Division

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Investigations Division is comprised of sworn and civilian positions that support the prosecutorial efforts of the Maricopa County Attorney. The Investigations Division is divided into five Bureaus, along with a Professional Standards function, each of which is commanded by a Lieutenant. Lieutenants report directly to the Investigations Division Chief. Each of the five Bureaus has specific functions for the Office, and provides a full range of professional law enforcement and investigative support services. The Division also presents accurate and timely information to support prosecutorial decisions that ensure continuing public trust in the judicial process, and supplies and maintains professional quality case management and litigation support services. Additionally, in creative collaboration with community members and allied law enforcement agencies, the Investigations Division supports effective responses to problems that impact the safety or the quality of life of Maricopa County communities.

Professional Standards

The Professional Standards function thoroughly investigates every assigned complaint in a fair and expeditious manner in accordance with local, state, and federal laws and MCAO policies and procedures. Members of this Bureau complete all assigned investigations within 45 days; brief Executive staff; assist in the preparation of cases going before the Merit Board, and testify as needed at Merit Board Hearings.

Major Crimes Investigations Bureau

The Major Crimes Investigations Bureau provides investigative support and conducts investigations for the Capital Litigation, Sex Crimes, Family Violence and Auto Theft/Vehicular Crimes Bureaus.

Support Services Bureau

The Support Service Bureau is responsible for conducting pre-employment background investigations, organizing and conducting Division training, recruitment/hiring of Division personnel, and the oversight of the CALEA accreditation process. Investigators assigned to Support Services also provide computer forensic investigations, investigate bias/hate crimes, and actively participate in the Joint Terrorism Task Force and DEA Task Force. This Bureau facilitates the service of Subpoenas to hospital and medical personnel upon request.

Special Crimes Investigations Bureau

The Special Crimes Investigations Bureau provides investigative support and conducts investigations for the Special Crimes, Asset Forfeiture, Gang/Repeat Offender, and Fraud and Identity Theft Bureaus. Assigned Detectives from this Bureau actively participate in the U.S. Marshal’s Violent Offender Task Force and the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC) Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) program.

Criminal Trials Investigations Bureau

The Criminal Trials Investigations Bureau provides investigative support for various sections of the County Attorney’s office, including Trial Groups A, B, C and D, Check Enforcement, Pre-Trial as well as the Juvenile East and West Divisions.

Violent Crimes Investigations Bureau

The Violent Crimes Investigations Bureau is responsible for providing investigative support and conducting follow-up investigations in the areas of Cold Case Homicide investigations, Anti-Mitigation, Family Violence and Sex Crimes.

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CALEA Flagship agency

The Investigations Division was recognized as a CALEA Flagship agency in 2010 and is the only CALEA accredited agency of its type in the country. The Flagship Agency Program is designed to acknowledge those agencies that have demonstrated success in the accreditation process. The Division was selected as a Flagship agency by the CALEA Commission based on past awards, current assessment, and overall professional standing in the public safety community.

Complaint Procedures (Investigations Division)

If you have a complaint against the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Investigations Division or one or more of its detectives, please call (602) 506-3844 and ask to speak to a supervisor.

Complaint Summaries

Download a copy of the Citizen Complaint Guide.

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