Government Advice Practice Group

The Government Advice Practice Group provides services to most of the elected public officials of the county. A central element of this group has been advice and representation to the Board of Supervisors. This involves:

  • having a deputy county attorney present at all Board meetings;
  • reviewing each agenda, including legal review of each agenda item;
  • reviewing with the Board’s representatives as well as other county departments, the supporting documentation for each agenda item; and
  • advising about compliance with the Arizona Open Meeting Law.

The Government Advice Practice Group has also advised the County’s core management offices, including the County Manager, the Office of Management and Budget, and Finance Department. The Practice Group also advises elected officials, including the members of the Board of Supervisors, the Recorder (including the Elections Department), Assessor, Treasurer, and the Superintendent of Schools. In addition to the open meeting law, this practice focuses on issues related to conflicts of interest, election laws, constitutional and statutory budget and finance laws, and other basic issues concerning the scope and limitations on the County’s authority and discretion to govern. This Practice Group also has provided legal services, such as contract review, legislative analysis and handling of administrative hearings, to the Department of Public Health, Medical Examiner, Correctional Health Department and Public Fiduciary. This Practice Group also currently represents the petitioner in all mental health civil commitment proceedings at the Desert Vista Hospital, including appeals from orders for involuntary treatment.